"Scepsis" 3/4: Summary

This double issue of the magazine is dedicated to the problems of restructuring the educational system. We looked at the process going on currently in this country and provided both an insight publishing interviews with school teachers, authors of textbooks, programs and curriculums, those taking part in laying out the regulations for the new educational system. One of the major stumbling blocks here is the Unified State Examination, which is currently being introduced in schools and higher educational institutions. The changes taking place in the sphere of education, both secondary and higher, are harshly criticized by the authors of the articles and taken together the data and the analysis of the issue provide quite a fair view on the way things stand at the moment.

It is clear that Russia is not unique in restructuring the system of education. Since we follow in the steps of Europe, it seems only natural that we take a look at European reforms and compare the experience. Therefore the issue of the magazine welcomes you to the thorough research made by Alex Nunn on the GATS and what it entails as far as higher education in UK is concerned. Alan Freeman, in his interview to Scepsis also outlines the perspective for higher education in Britain, taking into account its social consequences. The protest against top-up fees in Britain and their equivalent in France is the object of study for, respectively, Alexander Tarasov, Louis Weber and Carine Clement.

Though, its not that the issue is dedicated exclusively to education. Historical and philosophical sections of the issue are also of no less interest. Gunnar Skirbekks contribution to the debate on modernity donated by the author himself is also an invaluable contribution to the educational function of the Scepsis as a magazine. And the article by Nina Dmitrieva about Russian philosophers exiled in the early Soviet times casts light on one of the obscure events of this countrys history.

Finally, the reader will, no doubt, welcome the continuation of professor Semionovs article on the early forms of magic, which in this issue is concerned with myths.